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Outdoor Luxury Furniture

Define your space with a Soleo Series custom outdoor luxury furniture Selection. Hotel, Spa, Restaurant, and residential applications.


At Soleo, we believe sitting is a functional (art). That's why we've custom designed the finest cross sections of engineered foams. So, whether it's your best work, or no work at all, Soleo inspires, equally as much as it relaxes.


Each Soleo outdoor luxury furniture selection is professionally upholstered, and looks and feels like an interior custom piece, so much so, you may find yourself tempted to use it inside.


Soleo outdoor luxury furniture is substantial. Its handcrafted square alumininum pieces are meticulously wrapped in a multi-layer fabric pattern, accompanied by independent webbing configurations throughout.


Thanks to its unique construction, Soleo provides an unprecedented amount of seating, leaning, serving, and working space. Soleo outdoor luxury furniture.


Each Soleo placement becomes a destination. Sitting, redefined.

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