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town kitchen & bar
Owner John Janette
Soleo luxury furniture in its outdoor environment
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Town | Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Project: Town Kitchen & Bar
Owner: John Janette
Location: South Miami, FL
Project Description: Create new, highly desirable eating/drinking environments in the expansive outdoor footprint of the establishment.
Product: Soleo™ Series Luxury Outdoor Furniture

With two years and thousands of stellar meal and drink services under its belt — "Town" , the name proudly coined by its loyal followers and its managers, who use the term to describe whether or not a product or concept can live up to the image the restaurant conveys, continues to win the hearts and stomachs over of those throughout Miami. Its menu is eclectic and sophisticated, yet extraordinarily simple. Always a great restaurant, and most certainly a cool hangout, Town treats every day like its grand opening — paying extraordinary attention to detail in everything from its deserts to its decor.

And, why not? In an increasingly competitive environment with huge margin pressures, every detail counts. So, when John Janette, founder of Town Kitchen & Bar, decided he wanted to create some "new space" on the outside, he sought to create an irresistible environment that would enhance the Town experience. Knowing that their customer enjoys the outdoor seating, it was extremely important that with this makeover, they accomplished something far from the ordinary.

To do this, John turned to a new product, with a local presence, a very sophisticated brand of luxury outdoor furniture — Soleo, far from anything ordinary. "When we sat down to first discuss the Soleo luxury furniture vision for this concept, it was clear that they got it", said John Janette about the creators of Soleo. The product is designed to be a functional and aesthetic part of Town. "We needed practical product (Soleo provides a full 12" back for both food and drink service or the occasional leaner). Our customers like to hang out, and the proportions of Soleo invite that. Additionally, we're also a very humid environment here in Miami, and the skies have been known to open up with little notice. Soleo's all aluminum construction, and premium foam cross sections ensures us that rain won't spoil our customers fun, not today, or years down the road." But, with most everything, the customer doesn't see these things. What they do see is a professional embroidered piece of luxury outdoor furniture that has been hand crafted.

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Luxury placement for town

The Product | Soleo Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Soleo luxury outdoor furniture uses a soft woven vinyl on its exterior, in chestnut, providing the perfect base to the restaurant's overall brown theme. The fabric, mojito coffeebean by Sunbrella®, played perfectly off of Town's subtle use of circles in select mediums throughout the restaurant.

Substantial furniture for modern outdoor spaces

Merchandising | Modern Outdoor Furniture

"I'll re-merchandise our outdoors several times a week, if not every day, added John. The ability to repurposes each Soleo modern outdoor furniture piece in a different, yet complimentary arrangement, helps us to accommodate private parties and change with the mood. Yet, each piece is substantial enough that it helps to form a more attractive barrier, discouraging patrons from moving outdoor furniture pieces which could result in blocked pedestrian ways."

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